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Design Project Center website

The Design Project Center (DPC) does great work for awesome clients, but not many people are even aware that the DPC exists. They did not have a website, and for a design studio, that’s a problem.

We decided to build and launch a WordPress powered website, and outilne a plan for the future of updating the site. Also, design touchpoints to be produced by thte next team.

user archetypes

students | designers

The students that work in the Design Project Center will be diving into the industry soon, and they need to be seen as real designers instead of students. The DPC needs to be professional and savvy in order to reflect well on the students.


DPC Clients are mostly organizations and foundations that wouldn’t be able to afford design work from other studios. They deserve professional level work for extremely low costs. They also expect and deserve to work with professional designers.

professors | principals

The DPC professors have two main goals: Find great clients for the Design Project Center, and help students get the real-world experience they need before they’re out in the workforce.

mobile first

A large part of what we did for the DPC site was re-coding it to be mobile first. This is important because it’s a not-so-recent best practice for web development. This will help the site be maintained in the future.

project page structure

Since the DPC site will continue to be updated with the latest and greatest work and case studies, we needed to outline exactly what a new page should look like. This way, there will be little to no inconsistency in the future.

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